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Lead Performance Marketing

A results-driven, full-service direct response agency


Lead performance marketing is a full-service print and digital media company.
We are results driven and specialize in national direct response campaigns.

Media Placement

Our decades of experience and long term relationships with the top publications in the country gives us access to the most competitive rates in the industry. We make negotiating advertising rates for our clients a priority. Our buying power extends across the country in all national publications as well as regional and down to a specific carrier route.


We look at your current media mix and response file to analyze your current results and establish a benchmark. After understanding your current strategy and campaign results our statisticians and Direct Response experts will make recommendations based on target demographics, geographic information, and proprietary competitive data. We ensure the right message is being delivered to the right person at the right time. We put you in front of prospects you want as customers.

We will find geographical and demographical information, buying patterns, educational and financial data of your target customer. Once we identify your SUPER target customer, we can pinpoint ways to reach them through targeted media opportunities.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Don’t invest your advertising dollars sending your qualified prospects to an unresponsive landing page or irrelevant messaging. Optimize your landing pages by personalizing the messaging and calls-to-action for each prospect. CRO ensures your expensive visitors receive only your best performing, relevant creative.

Direct Response Creative

Need to verify your control is still outperforming other creative? Time to replace the control for a more responsive creative? We have testing and tracking down to a science.

We have the best Direct Response designers and copy writers in the industry. We can produce high quality, responsive creative for all your publication/landing page needs. Our direct marketing experts will review your current creative and make recommendations. If your design isn’t performing or you have started to see response rates decline our Direct Response experts review your creative and provide step-by-step suggestions to improve your response.

Marketing Management

Our team has experience managing Multi Million dollar yearly marketing budgets. We can be your entire marketing department or work as your personal consultant. We will do the research, create a strategy, manage the campaigns, and optimize the results. Let us pay for the overhead and staff and you invest in the campaigns that bring you more customers. Now just sit back and wait for the calls.

Competitive Analysis

Our competitive analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategy to identify opportunities and threats.  Ever wonder why your competitors are successful? Our competitive analysis tools will give you an advantage over your competition.

Call Center Processes

We help close the loop between the marketing team and call center operations. We work with Sales Management to understand the marketing strategy and impact of the call center. We also explain the different types of calls they will receive depending on the media type, assist workforce management predict expected call volume depending on the demographics of the campaign.

Lead Management- Sales leads are more than just a name, email, and phone. Lead nurturing is the process of qualifying, nurturing and building relationships with prospects regardless of their timing to buy. Earn their business when they are ready. We schedule regularly communications and quick follow up. We will also build a multi touch series of messages that provides the prospect the information they need to generate a sale.


We track every segment of each campaign with a unique toll-free number and web URL for every media program that we manage. We are able to track response and traffic by the hour if needed. This helps us make real time changes to campaigns when needed. Our tracking capabilities allows us to predict call volume by day for our call center clients.

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